Want Amazing Security, Organization, and Convenience? Get a Loft-It® Storage Lift System!

Why waste space, or worse, have to give up something you really love because you just don’t have enough storage room?

The Loft-It® Storage Lift System is the ideal solution for seasonal exchange of your yard and recreational vehicles…or for when you just want more room. It is a great solution for townhome storage, condominium storage, or underground parking storage. Remodel your garage without having to rebuild. Gain that additional storage space without having to start over. 32 additional square feet that you would have never dreamed of using, until now!

With a lifting capacity of up to 1,200 pounds and a deck size of 4′X8′, Loft-It® is strong enough and large enough to hold a full size motorcycle! Fully motorized, Loft-It® is as easy to raise as inserting the security key and turning the switch.

The end of clutter has arrived…the Loft-It® can organize your life and save you room!  Call for pricing and shipping details!

Now proudly made in the USA!